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Tired of Your High Electric Bill?

September 20, 2019

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According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the average electricity bill in Arkansas is around $105.64. This number varies depending on your energy provider, the size of your home and location. However, you can take charge of keeping your bill low by taking measures to boost your home energy savings.

Believe it or not, small tweaks like caulking your windows and replacing your light bulbs can go a long way. You should also consider larger projects such as replacing your windows to obtain long term savings and make your home more efficient.

Are you tired of your high electric bill? Don’t know how to lower it? Here are the top 5 tips you should follow to boost your energy savings today.


1. Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows can be expensive depending on the model you choose, but it can save you up to $274 a year. Low e glass models will boost your home energy savings the most.

At Reeves Insulation, we can replace your windows to make your home more energy-efficient. These windows come with a lifetime warranty and multiple seals to prevent drafts.


2. Seal and Caulk Any Openings or Cracks

Openings and cracks are the most common causes of high utility bills. Weather conditions, age, among other factors can create openings and cracks in your home. If you want to lower your electric bill, you should check your windows and doors for any openings.

Caulking your windows and doors every year is a good practice to prevent drafts. You should also prioritize inspecting and repairing any cracks in the interior and exterior of your home.


3. Replace Your Home Insulation

You may have to spend a pretty penny when replacing your home insulation. However, it’s a great way to boost your home energy savings. Besides lowering your utility bill, adding insulation to your attic will also increase the value of your home.


4. Service Your HVAC Unit

If you own HVAC units, you should contact an expert to conduct routine maintenance. Make sure they replace the filters and check the coils. Servicing your HVAC will ensure the unit runs smoothly and prevent any major repairs or replacements.


5. Changing the Light Fixtures or Bulbs

Replacing the five most-used light fixtures or bulbs can save you about $75 a year. Keep in mind you should replace them with models labeled with the Energy Star. You may boost your home energy savings even more if you replace all your light bulbs.


Get the Home Energy Savings You Need Today!

You can get the home energy savings you need today by giving our tips a try. However, it’s vital to develop an energy savings plan you and your family follow down to a T.

You can start small by caulking your windows and doors to lower your monthly savings. Home improvement projects such as replacing your windows and insulation can also make your home more energy-efficient while boosting your long term savings.

Our tips are only some ways to lower your monthly energy bill. At Reeves Insulation, we offer home energy audits to find out the best way to lower your energy consumption. During an audit, our experts will install 6 CFL light bulbs, an electric smart strip and even conduct a blower door test to find leakages.

Are you ready to take control and lower your electricity bill? Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit.

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