Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

insulationThere will always be an ongoing debate on whether blown fiberglass or cellulose is a better insulator. Both are great insulators and each has its own benefits.

If you are trying to choose between cellulose, fiberglass, or spray foam, hopefully our listed benefits on their pages will help. Below are the benefits of blown fiberglass insulation.

Excellent Heat Resistance

Although it’s not as high as cellulose or spray foam, it does provide an excellent heat resistance value. You just may have to install a little more to reach the total R-value you are achieving to reach (R-38 recommended in our region).

Not Water Resistance

Although at first it may not seem this is a benefit, it can be in certain situations. For example, when you have a roof leak, water will travel through the fiberglass insulation to your ceiling sheet rock, which is exposed to the indoors. This will allow you to identify your leak much quicker in order to repair your roof before your ceiling caves in. With cellulose, water doesn’t travel through as easily and it can hold the water much longer, which will make the insulation much heavier. Many times, homeowners do not discover their roof leak until the ceiling collapses.

Cleaner Look

Although the looks of blown fiberglass do not have an affect on the insulation benefits, it does have a much cleaner look than let’s say cellulose. Typically, blown fiberglass is white (or light in color) and portrays that “clean” look.

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