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Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring Insulation Contractors

September 20, 2019

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Insulating your home provides benefits ranging from lowering your energy costs to reducing noise. To obtain the best results, it’s vital to hire the right expert. Not all contractors are knowledgeable and provide the best options.

If you had a bad experience in the past, you may be hesitant about hiring a contractor to insulate your home. However, you can hire the best contractor if you do your research. Don’t know what factors to consider?

Here are the top 5 things to consider when hiring insulation contractors.


1. Does the Company Pass Your Vetting Process with Flying Colors?

You should consider insulation contractors with a great online review or rating reputation. However, you should still vet the companies. Ask them for references or examples of their completed jobs.

Maybe you can take a look at project photos or even reach out to their clients. Ask the contractor to run you through their process and how they fixed their client issues.

During the quote process, you should also ask them about projects similar to your job. Their previous work will provide a clear idea of what to expect after hiring them. Make sure to ask details about their experience such as their years of experience in the industry, the types of projects completed, among other information.


2. What Licenses Do They Hold?

Before hiring insulation contractors, you should verify the status of their licenses. The best contractors will meet your local licensing requirements.

Depending on your state, contractors may need builder’s, company or individual licenses. If you find out their licenses expired, you should consider hiring another company.


3. Insulation Experts Are Knowledgeable

Years of experience isn’t the only thing to consider when hiring an insulation company. The best insulation contractors are knowledgeable about the types of insulation materials. These experts also understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to insulating your home.

Spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose are some examples of materials that contractors may use to insulate your home. At Reeves Insulation, we offer solutions to insulate your home using any of these materials.


4. What’s Their Insurance Coverage?

Another thing to consider is their insurance coverage. The right company will own general liability insurance coverage. This policy will cover any injuries and damages caused by their team during the project.

You should ask them to provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance. This document will show details about the types and amount of coverage.


5. Are They Offering the Services You Need?

Most contractors offer a variety of services, but that doesn’t mean your quote should include all of them. If you notice the quote doesn’t look right, you should sit down with the contractor and ask them to explain their proposal. Why does your project require all these services?

No question is too silly! The right expert will take the time to explain how insulation works and how they’ll fix your problems.

What to Do When Hiring Insulation Contractors

Before reaching out to the contractor, you should make a list of your insulation issues and the reasons why you need insulation. Consider contacting insulation contractors with a great track record. You should reach out to several experts and request an initial consultation.

Consider hiring a local company who understands your climate and the typical insulation needs in your area. The right expert can help you get the most benefits out of insulating your home.

Need to get some insulation work done? Contact Reeves Insulation to schedule your consultation and insulate your home today!

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