As home insulation experts, we know a thing or two about what makes a home comfortable and easy to live in. Many of these things are behind walls or in crawlspaces – not easy to see for the average home shopper.

It’s easy to fall in love with what you see on the surface of a new home. Having a new property is exciting anyway, and many times it’s cleaned and staged to look beautiful.

However, like any major purchase, it’s important to look behind the scenes as well. From wiring to home insulation, here are some less-considered aspects of a home that can make or break your enjoyment of it.


Know Your Wiring

Just because a home seller says a home is “completely updated” doesn’t mean that the wiring is modern or even up to code. Older homes can have knob-and-tube wiring, or perhaps the homeowner tried to do their own repairs and didn’t complete the job correctly.

Old wiring can cause significant hazards. It may not be grounded correctly, or a circuit could be overloaded. Worn wiring can spark and cause a fire inside a wall that can cause serious damage and even destroy the house entirely.

Take the time to have an electrician look at the circuit breaker, electrical panels, and any easy-to-access wiring. You can find out quickly if there are concerns.


Check the HVAC

In a state like Arkansas, we get all kinds of weather. It can be extremely hot or quite cold. We can have rain, ice, or wind. In every case, you need to have your furnace and air conditioner in great shape to keep your home comfortable.

If the furnace is aging or the ducts are in poor condition, you could end up spending a significant amount of money to bring everything up to standard. Finding this out before you buy the home helps you take this money off the home price instead of having to pull out your wallet after the fact.

Of course, the HVAC is only as good as the home insulation and draftiness, so pay attention to those as well. 


Choose Excellent Home Insulation

If there’s one thing that makes the biggest difference in the life of a homeowner, it’s insulation. Not only does high-quality home insulation help you stay comfortable, it reduces drafts, sound transfer, and even how many pests get into your house.

You’ll also save a lot of money on energy use when you choose a home with great insulation. Because insulation is out of sight it’s easy to forget about, especially if you view the property on a temperate day. But when it’s 100 degrees or you’re enduring a cold winter, you’ll be glad you chose a home with excellent insulation.


Make Sure the Roof Looks Good

The final thing to consider is the roof. We have a lot of difficult weather in Arkansas and it can impact the roof. From hail to wind to ice, you need a roof that’s in great shape. 

You can see obvious damage from the ground, but you really need a roof inspection before you can be truly confident. While you’re thinking about the roof, ask about attic insulation as well. Great insulation in the attic can help the house stay comfortable and keep out some of the most frustrating pests. 

Buying a home is a long process, and it pays to do it right. Keep an eye out for these less-considered features and you’ll enjoy your home for years to come. If you’d like help with your home insulation, contact us for more information today.