The weather outside is frightful, but a properly insulated home is so delightful. When the snow begins to fall and the chilly air is hitting your home, you want to be sure that it doesn;t sneak it’s way inside. Keep your home and family warm this winter with a properly insulated home. You will thank us in the long run whenever your electric and gas bills are lower and your family is still just as warm and cozy as they should be.

Whenever your home is properly insulated, your heating unit does not have to work as hard to keep your home warm. If there are cracks in your insulation that allow cold air to sneak in and warm air to escape, your heating system will have to work overtime to keep the house warm and comfortable. This is better for the environment but also better for your pocket book.

1. Save on Utilties

On average, Americans spend an additional thousand dollars during the holidays aon gifts alone. That means you do not have the extra money to be spending on your utility bills. Whenever your home is insulated properly, you will save tremendously on your bills. All of that heat that has been slipping through the cracks will stay inside and keep you from additional spending. On average, proper insulation will decrease your utility bills by 30%.

2. Frozen Pipes

Whenever a home is not properly insulated, your pipes can get too cold and freeze inside of your walls. If a pipe bursts, this can cause it’s own set of problems. The cost of flood damage and having water removed and new pipes placed is outrageous. Save yourself thousands of dollars in damage and repairs by investing in proper insulation upfront.  

3. Save on Medical Bills

This reason is something that seems to go unnoticed whenever considering properly insulating your home. If you or your children suffer from allergy problems or breathing conditions, a poorly insulated home can contribute to those conditions. That means more medical bills spent on allergy shots, medications, doctors visits, etc. A properly insulated home keeps out pollutants that you and your family do not need to be breathing in.  

4. Foundation Problems

Proper insulation can help ensure that your home keeps from adjusting. Whenever insulation is done incorrectly, moisture can get into your walls and floor boards and cause foundation problems throughout the entire house. This can have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage down the road.

5. Invest in Your Home

Whenever making improvements on your home, most people are considering the perspective that a future potential buyer may have on your home. An energy-efficient home is a number one selling point for those searching for their forever home. If utility bills are lower, a buyer will consider spending more on the home itself because in the long run it will pay off for them. Whenever you invest in proper insulation from Reeves, you are investing in the value of your home.

Keeping your home properly insulated is not only a money saving option for you and your family but it will also keep you more comfortable. Temperatures will be distributed correctly based on what you have each area of your home set. To. Insulation can keep noise to a minimum as well, so that new drum set your husband bought himself for Christmas won’t be heard throughout the entire home.

If you are unsure if your home is properly insulated or not, the technicians at Reeves Insulation can come out and do consultation. We will give you a free estimate and discuss options for making your home more energy efficient and cost effective. Save yourself major spendings down the road and focus on what matters most - keeping your family comfortable and well taken care of.