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Spray Foam Insulation | Tips to Keep Consistent Temperature Throughout Your Home

December 5, 2018

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There’s nothing more frustrating than having some rooms in your home be freezing while others are perfectly comfortable. Or maybe some areas of your home are simply hot no matter what you do.

Ideally, your heating and cooling systems would keep your home at a constant temperature. Don’t overwork your HVAC systems! Get all your rooms to a comfortable temperature with spray foam insulation.

Upgrading your home insulation in just a few ways can save you money on your energy bills and give you a good night sleep. Here are some tips you need this winter!

Have Proper Home Insulation

While there are steps you can take to make small differences, they will all be for nothing if you’re insulation isn’t what it needs to be. Do you have cellulose insulation that’s settled (this is rare but it can happen in historic Arkansas homes)? If you are adding to your home, or renovating,  it may be time to upgrade to spray foam insulation.

The best way to assess your home insulation and energy needs is to have an energy audit — we can do that for you!. From there, be sure you find a reputable insulation company in the Batesville or Jonesboro area to help you out. — You might consider these guys.

We have over 30 years of experience serving this community, so you know that when you work with Reeves Insulation you’re getting the very best quality materials and workmanship!

Clean Air Vents Regularly

Check your air vents in each room. You might be surprised to find that one or more is actually clogged up.

Even if they’re all open, there may be something partially blocking them. Check to make sure furniture isn’t in front of the vent, and vacuum the vents to keep dust and dirt from building up.

If you still have problems getting the vents to function the way they need to, consider having an HVAC specialist come and service the system. There may be deeper blockages or other issues.

Seal Gaps Around Windows, Doors, and More

If you have an energy audit, you’ll also discover if there are any gaps allowing air to escape around the windows, doors, recessed lights, and even outlets. You can generally caulk these to prevent air from getting into your home.

Also, think about upgrading your windows or investing in thick shades that will help block and contain hot and cold air. Rooms with many windows will have a harder time maintaining temperature unless you take these steps.


Change Air Filters Regularly

Finally, make sure you change the filters in your HVAC unit regularly. It’s an easy task to forget about until your home becomes very uncomfortable.

Just because your filter says it lasts 3 months doesn’t mean that you can wait 12 weeks to change it. Be sure to check it from time to time – depending on your home insulation, residents, and pets, you may need to change it more often.

Get the Home Insulation You Need

Staying comfortable in your home is vital. After all, it’s your haven. With spray foam insulation, we can help you keep a consistent temperature year-round no matter what your situation is.

Contact us today to get a quote on home insulation or to schedule an energy audit. You’ll thank yourself for taking steps to help you stay warm this winter.

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