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Why you should choose spray foam insulation (and let us do the installation).

March 23, 2018

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 With the combined experience of over 30 years, we’re a little biased about hiring experts when it comes to insulation installation. It might be an extra cost initially. It will be worth it when you see your insulation keep your energy bills low year after year.

As the “spray foam experts” we know a poorly insulated home when we see it—or feel it when we walk through the door on days with extreme, insulation-testing temperatures. Spray foam won’t perform it’s best unless it is installed correctly. All that efficiency lost right through the walls.

The benefits of spray foam insulation.

Spray foam is an excellent insulator. The initial cost for the foam and installation will pay for itself and save you more money with years of lower electricity bills.

Here are just a few ways spray foam will benefit your home.

  • You will have better air quality inside your home. Air quality is not something many homeowners think of when they are choosing insulation. The quality of your insulation determines how well the air will be filtered coming through the walls. Spray foam is a great air sealant.
  • Your home will be quieter. Got a large family? Your home office needs to be protected from distractions. Spray foam works to absorb sound with its high R-value. You’ll be working in a much quieter environment.
  • Spray foam will last longer. You might not see this benefit of spray foam during your day to day activities. As the years pass by, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your insulation has not settled or become inefficient.

The benefits of professional insulation installation.

Installing your own insulation to save money on the initial cost might seem like a good idea. The risk you are taking might not be worth the savings. Poorly installed insulation will not keep your home at a comfortable temperature like it is designed to. This will make your heating and AC units work overtime, increasing your electricity bills.

How can insulation be installed the wrong way?

Spray foam has revolutionized the way we insulate our buildings. To onlookers, the insulation installation process looks simple. Spray where you want the insulation to go and watch it rise. What they don’t see is all the calculations and preparations that were made before we began.

A building’s envelope needs to be assessed to find all the areas that will need insulation. It’s not as easy as finding all the exterior walls. There are gaps, corners, and more structural abnormalities to consider. A gap will significantly decrease the efficiency of your insulation.

Spray foam also needs to be installed evenly. Spray foam that is off-ratio will create similar problems to missed spaces.

What happens when insulation is not installed properly?

To avoid years of spending extra cash on your electricity bill, you’ll need to have it replaced. Replacing insulation is a delicate process that only a professional can do. It usually ends up costing more than the initial installation would have.

There are also safety issues to be considered.

When we install spray foam insulation, we wear coveralls, masks, and goggles. Our equipment is up-to-date and inspected for repairs regularly.

DIY spray foam insulation does not come with fully comprehensive instructions. Even with additional research, there are some things you can’t learn on the internet. Our experience is what allows us to keep our customers happy with the quality of our work.

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