Did you know that Batesville is the oldest existing city in the State of Arkansas? Many of the homes in Batesville, Arkansas have original structures. While these are absolutely beautiful, they are not always the most energy efficient.  Whether you’re in an older home or building a brand new one, Reeves Insulation is the best in the business for your insulation needs. Reeves Insulation of Batesville, Arkansas has been working in the insulation, window replacement, and weatherization business for over 30 years. We are here to help you lower your energy bills, and start doing that at an affordable price.

Why You Need Your Insulation Installed

Summers in Batesville are hot and humid, that’s no secret. Your electric bill is going to be through the roof if your air conditioning is running constantly to cool down your home. If your house has not been properly weatherized, that air conditioning is leaking out and wasting your money and your energy. If you call us at Reeves Insulation, we promise your home will be comfortable and at an affordable price.

When you use Reeves, we will regulate the temperature in your home with proper insulation, windows, and home energy audits. When it is hot and humid outside, it should be cool and dry inside. You deserve to feel good when you’re inside of your home, and that is what we’re here to help with.

Types of Insulation For Our Batesville Customers

Reeves Insulation has 30 years of experience in the insulation industry. We are the insulation experts and we commit ourselves to giving you the highest quality of  insulation that is offered. We have three options for insulation that our technicians can install in your Batesville home. We know you’re faced with a decision every day, so let us help make this an easy one. Call us today to speak with a highly trained insulation expert.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, either for a business or for a home, is a highly recommended option. Spray foam insulation helps regulate temperatures, as well as acts like a sound barrier. This option is great for filling every air tight space that needs to be insulated on your Batesville  property. It is incredibly effective and does not lose its shape over time. Spray foam is often described in terms of density: high, medium, or low. The result is the same, each insulates, but what they are used for will differ. 

As a general example: 

  1. High-density foam works well for exterior/roof applications
  2. Medium-density foam works well for continuous insulation
  3. Low-density foam works well interior wall cavity and attic applications

Your Reeve’s contractor will help you choose the appropriate density for your insulation project or renovation! Spray foam is a bit more expensive than other options, however this is an investment that will last for years to come. To learn more about spray foam insulation, click here.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is the more traditional approach to insulation your home.It is commonly used in enclosed walls, unfinished attic floors, the area around pipes or electrical wiring, and other small cavities where energy could potentially escape. This option is typically considered the more environment friendly route. Cellulose insulation is made from about 75-85% recycled paper, cardboard, or even denim. The other 15% is made of a fire retardant such as boric acid or ammonium sulfate. This budget friendly insulation is chosen by many professionals. To learn more about Cellulose insulation, click here.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is a close competitor with cellulose insulation. While it is not as high as cellulose and spray foam, it still has an excellent heat resistance value. IT is not water resistant, however this isn’t considered a bad thing at all times. Say you have a water leak, this installation will allow you to notice the leak and get it fixed before your roof caves in on you. With cellulose, the insulation is resistant to water and the leak could go undetected until it is too late. This insulation also has the “cleanest” look of the three options. To learn more about Fiberglass insulation, click here.

Each of these three options are great, but one is the best solution for your home. Our experts at our Batesville Reeves Insulation location are here to help you choose which is the best for your home or business. We promise to help you choose the best solution that will last the longest and be the best investment. 

Windows and More

Windows - Saving You Money

Older homes come with old windows that let the cool air out during those hot, humid summers. New windows may be a little pricey but will save you money in the long run on your energy bills. Our replacement windows are double hung vinyl windows , that have multiple weather seals and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Energy Audits

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, Reeves is who you want to call. Schedule a home energy audit today to lower your utility bill, reduce your energy consumption, and resolve comfort issues. Our home energy audits include a blower door test (which measures the whole house air leakage), six CFL light bulbs, and an electric smart strip.

Insulation Experts in Batesville

Spend a little extra today to save a ton down the road. Financial savings naturally occur when your home is energy efficient. Your energy bill will decrease tremendously when your home is not working overtime to keep cool .That is why our insulation experts are here to save you money and educate you on which insulation and windows are the best choice for your property. Having a comfortable, energy efficient environment adds value to your property, and your life. Our full service insulation company highly encourages you to give us a call today! We promise to give you the best job at the most affordable price.