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How To Make a Room Feel More Cozy

February 26, 2018

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The team at Reeves Insulation, LLC knows a thing or two about how to properly insulate a building to keep the interior temperature comfortable. The R Value inside the walls isn’t the only thing that makes a room feel cozy and comfortable.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your room look as cosy as it feels.

1. Use Layers.

Layering things like the light sources in the room, the rugs, and any textured decor will give your room a cozy feel to it. To layer lighting try and give your room more than just one source of light. Keep the lighting at eye level and at varying degrees of usefulness. Fairy lights are a charming way to add a delicate layer of light to a room. A lamp is the perfect way to create a cozy, functional reading space. A fireplace might be the most cozy element any room can have. It gives off warm lighting and functions as a heat source during cold winter months, which could help if the R value in your home is not up to par. What is R Value you ask? Go here to see what it’s all about, and how R value can affect your home. 

2. Texture.

Texture brings charm and cozyness to a room the same way layers do. Fill the room with throws, pillows, wallpaper, decor and more. The best and easiest way to add texture to a room? Throws. If the room feels like it needs something simple to make it more cozy, add a throw somewhere. Add several throws, depending on the size and functionality of the room. What is texture? Something that you want to touch. Textured decor is made from knitted fabrics, fur, leather, and even natural materials like wood.

3. Natural Materials.

Natural materials like wood, linen, rope, wicker, and more make a room seem more like home, while the R value makes it feel like a home. Exposed beams of weathered wood, wicker baskets filled with wool or linen blankets, and live plants in a pot decorated with barn-like rope are all great accents for a room needing that make-yourself-at-home feeling.

4. Create a Reading Nook.

A reading nook is the perfect way to make a space feel more cozy. Any aspect of a room that makes you want to curl up and read a book brings a sense of coziness to the whole space. Is there a window you can build a nook around? If you are limited to how much construction you can do, use floor-to-ceiling curtains to create a reading nook. Looking to build and add a nook? We can help determine if this added space will increase your home’s R value. 

5. Ceiling to Floor Curtains.

Are you trying to make a bedroom feel more cozy? The best thing you can do is hang a canopy around the bed, or enclose it with curtains. Perfect for an afternoon nap. Ceiling-to-floor curtains also give the room more texture.

6. Use Comfy/Personalized Furniture and Decor.

Like the reading nook, anything you can add to the room that makes you want to curl up and spend the afternoon with a good book is a win. Be selective when you choose your furniture. Maybe you would like a large leather couch? Or go a more non-traditional route and hang a rope swing?

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