So you’ve got kids and they have finally hit their junior high and high school years. Your son has decided he is into the drums and practices the Arkansas fight song on repeat, and your daughter has a new found love for One Direction and only listens to it at the very loudest volume setting possible. So you’ve decided you are either soundproofing their rooms, or better yet, soundproofing your own she shed or man cave so you can enjoy a little peace and quiet by yourself. So you are asking yourself now, what do I do? Does spray foam insulation soundproof your Arkansas home? The short answer is not entirely. However, it does reduce noise to some degree.

Spray Foam Insulation

What is spray foam insulation and how is it used? Spray foam insulation is a cellular plastic that, when sprayed, creates a foam. This foam insulates, acts as an air sealant, and a moisture barrier, all in one! Spray foam insulation is really good at getting in those tight, precise spaces to create a continuous barrier on walls, in corners, seams, and more. Because of its ability to form tightly against the areas it gets sprayed on, it acts as a super effective insulator. Plus, spray foam doesn’t lose its shape over time, unlike some other insulation materials. It won’t sag or compress, meaning your home stays energy efficient and draft-free.

When building your home you can soundproof your floor with spray foam insulation to keep your footsteps from echoing throughout the entire house. The spray foam absorbs the sound because it is so soft and keeps vibrations from going between floor joints and wall joints.
You can keep exterior noises from entering your home. That means noises such as traffic, loud weather, outside neighbors, etc.

Choosing The Right Foam

When choosing your spray foam there are two different types. While they are both a decent option for resisting sound, one is better for soundproofing than the other. They do differ in strength, rigidity, and water resistance levels, among other things. Your insulation installer will be able to help you decide which is right for your needs.
You need to make sure you do your research, or just ask someone who knows, cough cough, Reeves, which is the best option.

Open Cell Spray Foam

Simply put, open cell foam is going to be light and malleable. As it dries, the gas inside the cells will escape through openings in the cell walls, resulting in a light weight foam. The lightweight foam absorbs noise from the vibrations in walls in floors. For example, whenever you walk across your floor, if there is a layer of half pound, open cell spray foam, those vibrations from your footsteps will be absorbed into the soft layer of insulation and keep from echoing throughout the house.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam will be more dense and heavy than open cell spray foam. It is more resistant to weathering and change in temperature. However, the harder solution does not absorb vibrations as well as the open cell spray foam insulation. While it will still block out some noise, it is not going to do near as well as the open cell insulation does.

Both options create a sound barrier because they have a seamless air barrier between the insulation and the wall or floor joints. The air barrier blocks the sound from one area to the next. Once the echo is reduced, the sound becomes a little softened than it would have been before the insulation was sprayed into the wall or floors.

Why Do I Need Spray Foam Insulation?

While spray foam insulation definitely helps to muffle sounds and create a sound barrier, it may not be your number one option to completely soundproof your she shed, man cave, or son’s band practice room. There are great soundproofing options to fill your needs that you can find. However, it is a great option if you are looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient or to just reduce noise from loud voices, heavy footsteps, and sirens outside of your home.

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And as for your son’s new found interest in the drums, and your daughter’s teen angst that she is taking out on her bedroom speakers, we feel for you. Hold in there, a comfortable, insulated home may be just what you need to find joy in your home.