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How New Windows Can Impact Your Home Insulation

February 19, 2019

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When you think about keeping your home warmer, you probably think about insulating the attic or the basement. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that!


However, don’t overlook the “eyes” of your home – the windows. Low-quality windows can allow significant air transfer, which can cause you to spend more on heating and cooling while also struggling to stay comfortable.


What impact can new windows make on your home insulation? Find out now!


Windows Have Changed

Technology has impacted every aspect of life, and windows are no exception. Today you can get vinyl-framed windows that give you the low-maintenance of aluminum without the poor insulation of the metal material.


New windows can also offer tilt-in sashes, allowing you to clean both the inside and outside without getting out a ladder.


Less maintenance and better cleaning – that’s a win-win without even mentioning home insulation.


Double and Triple Panes Offer Incredible Insulation

Do you remember being able to put your hand on a window to gauge the outside temperature? If you can still do this in your home today, it’s time to get replacement windows!


As technology improves, windows are starting to get close to offering the same home insulation benefits as exterior walls. If insulation and energy savings are your primary motivation, be sure to talk to us about which windows best fit your needs.


The added insulation has another benefit – it helps block noise. A warmer, quieter way to look out of your home – you can’t beat that.


The Right Windows Improve the Value of Your Home

Like many other home insulation projects, having high-quality windows can have a significant impact on the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.


Buyers love getting a home that already has a lot of the work done. When you have high-quality insulation and high-tech windows already installed, buyers will be eager to give you a great offer.


New windows aren’t cheap if you choose a high-quality option, but the cost is far from wasted. You’ll not only get a boost in your comfort today, you’ll recoup more than half the cost in higher home value. You’ll also save significant money on heating and cooling.


Of course, you want to get the right windows from the right professionals – people you can trust to do a great job and give you exactly what you need. Choose a local business with a long service history in your area.


Windows Don’t Replace All Home Insulation

Getting new windows is a great project and an important way to boost your home’s comfort and value. Keep in mind that getting new windows is not a substitute for getting the insulation your home needs, though.


There’s more surface area in your attic or basement than in your windows, so start with great home insulation. After that, see how windows can improve your situation even further.


Interested in more information? Contact us today. We can help you with blown insulation, spray foam insulation, new windows, and more. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us to do things right!

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