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Why Work With a Family Owned Business?

June 12, 2017

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Reeves Insulation is a family owned business in the Batesville, AR area. We offer our clients over 30 years of experience in insulation and home energy conservation. We know how to keep your home or business properly insulated in Arkansas’ climate.

As a family owned business, our name is tied to the quality of our work. Being part of the Batesville, AR community, we also believe it’s our job to provide our expertise at an affordable cost.

What does it mean that Reeves Insulation is “family owned”?

A business must have at least two or more members of the same family in ownership and/or leadership roles to be considered “family owned”.

The Reeves Insulation dream team only has three members. All carrying the Reeves name.

Martin Reeves is the founder and chief insulation expert. Mason Reeves is his right-hand man and Tim Reeves brings his experience and craftsmanship to complete the Reeves Insulation dream team.

Why should you work with a family owned business in Batesville, AR?

The quality of our work is tied to our family name. We take pride in every aspect of our work. But that’s not the only reason to choose a family owned business.

There are plenty of reasons to support local and family owned businesses instead of big chains. Keeping jobs and dollars in the community is always a good idea. Studies show communities that keep local businesses maintain culture and diversity. This diversity serves as an overall economic advantage to the Batesville, AR area and the communities around it.

It’s also better for the Batesville community as a whole. Locally owned and family businesses are more concerned about being environmentally conscious and treating their employees well.

What makes family owned businesses thrive?

Family owned businesses are one of the oldest forms of business organizations. When agriculture was the main occupation, families were the business. Now, family owned businesses can account for roughly half of the United States’ employment. That includes everything from family owned Fortune 500 companies to local mom and pop stores.

Families tend to work together well as a team, communicate better and are naturally better at solving disagreements.

Thanks for reading! And thank you for supporting local business.

If you have any questions about working with the team at Reeves Insulation, contact us here. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about insulating your home or business in the Batesville, AR area.

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Reeves Insulation has been in business, in the Batesville area, for over 30 years offering insulation, replacement windows, air sealing, and weatherization. Owner, Marvin Reeves started in the general contracting industry and his background has transferred over to Insulation and Home Energy Conservation, providing homeowners and businesses energy efficiency services to lower energy bills. Our business is family owned and operated and our goal is to provide you the best job at an affordable cost.