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Home Insulation Efficiency Tips for Cold Weather

January 29, 2018

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How is your home insulation holding up? Get an professional inspection from the team at Reeves Insulation and see if you can save more on your utility bills. Here are a few tips for making your home more efficient during cold weather seasons. And before you start, make sure you visit this blog here, to make sure you’re good to go on 4 important things to consider before insulating. 


Your windows are a great place to start making your home more energy efficient and testing your home insulation. They are not insulated like the walls of your home and often have leaky edges. Check the caulk around your window and look for efficient weatherstripping.

Despite being an insulation weak-spot, your windows can actually help you get your desired indoor temperature. Take advantage of the warmth of the sun by opening the curtains of your south facing windows during the day.


Stop a draft from coming under your door by installing weatherstripping to your door jambs. Place a draft stopper at the foot of your door. It might seem like a small change to make, but it will be all the difference to your cold feet.

Thermostats and your Home Insulation

Homeowners everywhere are saving big on their utility bills by installing programmable thermostats. They make it easy for you to use your heat wisely. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, set a reminder to turn down the heat when you leave your home.


Recessed lights to cause gaps in your home insulation. Even if the light is warm to touch, it is still letting the cold air in around it. You can easily fix this problem by sealing the lights and checking that the insulation is properly installed around them.


Air flow is a crucial part of maintaining the interior comfort of your home insulation. The ducts of your home allow your furnace to get air to all the important rooms and hallways. Efficient ducts are key to making the most of the precious heat your heater is producing. Make sure you have no leaks in your ducts. If you think you have an issue with your air ducts, call a professional.

Despite the misleading name, duct tape is not efficient for sealing a leaky duct.

The warm air flow of your home can also be improved by reversing the direction of your ceiling fans. Switch them so that they direct air upwards. This will make a big difference, especially in rooms with high ceilings.

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